The Caroline Mayr-Harting Travel Fund

An Oxford High School alumna has set up a fundraising appeal to create The Caroline Mayr-Harting Travel Fund in memory of her mother and long-serving Classics teacher at Oxford High School, Caroline Mayr-Harting.

Caroline Mayr-Harting taught Classics at Oxford High School for almost 30 years from 1977 to 2004. She was a much-loved educator, who not only inspired many students to study Classics, but was also a brilliant form tutor and led many memorable school trips. Her daughter Ursula (Class of 1991) has spearheaded the appeal which has raised over £19,000 in three weeks. There is now just one week left to reach the target of £25,000, by what would have been Caroline Mayr-Harting’s birthday. The £25,000 pot, if funded, will provide interest of £500 each year in perpetuity. This money will ensure that each year there’s funds for a girl, or girls, to join a school trip who would otherwise be unable to do so.

The appeal has been supported by Caroline’s friends and family, Oxford High School alumnae spanning 30 years and current parents. Not every person that has supported the appeal knew Caroline, but all recognise the importance of giving all students access to the same life-enhancing opportunities, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

Oxford alumnae have responded generously, with one saying:

“I left Oxford High School in 1984 with a love of Classics (although not what I chose to study at A level). My eldest son, however, is just completing his 2nd year studying Classics at Durham University so I do feel that the grounding in Classics that Mrs Mayr-Harting and the rest of the department gave to me lives on in him!”

To find out more about the appeal, you can watch a short video made by Caroline’s daughter Ursula – link here.

To support this appeal, visit this link.