Let’s make every day International Women’s Day

By Cheryl Giovannoni

In spite of the challenges that lie ahead, the vision and spirit of our young women, means that the future is bright.

A real book is an aesthetic as well as a literary pleasure

By Dr Kevin Stannard

Will e-reading kill off real books? The experience of handling a physical book means it won’t, according to our Director of Innovation and Learning.

GDST pioneers – empowering women and girls, then and now

By Cheryl Giovannoni

To mark the centenary of women winning the vote, we reflect on the pioneering GDST women of the past, present and future.

A new, ambitious phase for the GDST

By Cheryl Giovannoni

Our new branding heralds an exciting time for the GDST.

The power of social media must not signal the retreat of complex writing

By Dr Kevin Stannard

In a world dominated by social media and emojis, we should remember that complex writing opens doors and expands horizons say’s GDST’s Director of Innovation and Learning.

GDST Book Club: Under Pressure by Lisa Damour

By Beth Dawson Sutton High School

Beth Dawson, Deputy Head at Sutton High School, part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) reviews Under Pressure by Lisa Damour.

Cracking the code – one Sixth Former’s experience of computer science

By GDST Bromley High School

Computer science has traditionally been viewed as a subject ‘for the boys’. Here Ellie Sheehan, a Sixth Former at Bromley High…

A good time to be a girl?

By Cheryl Giovannoni

Cheryl Giovannoni’s speech to the GDST Annual Conference, 14 June 2017. In June 1913, four days after she stepped out…

Why it’s the perfect time for girls to get into engineering


Dr Will Whittow, Senior Lecturer at the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering, explains why it’s a fantastic time for girls to consider a career in engineering.

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