GDST | Technology in the Classrooms


A few of our favourite stories from the last year about our girls using technology in (and out) of the classrooms. Read about our girls writing computer code, learning new technologies, attending ‘techathon’ and even sending an iPhone into space!

GDST | Are Girls Good or Bad at Maths?


We explore whether there is any truth in the assertion that boys are better, or more interested in maths, than girls.

Wellbeing in School: A Student’s Perspective

By GDST Oxford High School

A GDST pupil’s personal account of coping with varying emotions and different issues at schools, including using a special ‘Positive’ app, having a digital detox and getting a visit from Sir Ian McKellen…

Ten Top Tips for Introducing Wellbeing to Your Child


10 wellbeing strategies to help parents & their children open up to improved mental states through a plethora of interesting & fun activities.

South Hampstead High School: TV presenter Mishal Husain meets the pupils

By GDST South Hampstead High School

South Hampstead welcomed pupils, parents and staff to an inspiring evening with Mishal Husain – the acclaimed journalist and presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme – who shared her experiences of forging a successful career in a world where inequality remains endemic.

It takes a village to teach a child

The proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is oft-repeated maxim, but no less true for its reiteration.…

A Level results celebrate STEM success

By Dr Kevin Stannard

Girls in GDST schools have stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to STEM take-up.

On our terms

By Cheryl Giovannoni

Cheryl Giovannoni’s speech to the GDST Summit 2018.

Top 10 reasons to have women on company boards

By Cheryl Giovannoni

Recent comments by some FTSE leaders, revealed archaic attitudes about women in the boardroom. Our CEO offers her riposte.

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