Years 5 and 6 winner  Beatrice Voisey

Winners of the Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize

We are delighted to announce the winners of the annual GDST Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize. The Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize…

Supporting students to study in the US

The GDST launches Explore American Universities Programme, in partnership with GenHERation®.

GDST Juniors read for empathy

The GDST’s programme of storytelling events, ‘Adventures in Bookland’, continues for Empathy Day. Junior pupils from across the GDST family…

Real Models in Tech

Each year we bring together students from across the GDST family for our annual Techathon event: a day dedicated to the discovery of and engagement with technology outside of the classroom; to cross-school collaboration; to exposure to real models who can encourage and inspire our students to broaden their tech horizon

GDST Charity Tech Challenge 2021

Junior girls from across the GDST family participated in the Charity Tech Challenge 2021, showcasing their sense of social conscience…

Will there be a Mexican standoff over grades in August?

What will happen when exam boards challenge a centre’s TAGs, and the centre does not give ground, asks Kevin Stannard

The Caroline Mayr-Harting Travel Fund

Oxford High School

An Oxford High School alumna has set up a fundraising appeal to create The Caroline Mayr-Harting Travel Fund in memory…

GDST and Bright Network Virtual Work Experience programme

The GDST collaborates with Bright Network to offer a virtual work experience placement to all Year 11 students The past…

Inspiring the next generation of apprentices

Bromley High School

Over 300 people registered for Bromley High School’s virtual Apprenticeship Insight Event which took place on Saturday 8th May, bringing together many of the leading players in the field of apprenticeships.

A family of schools

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